Welcome to the 4th ICoTiC 2019

Since our first international conference in 2015, our team has continued to believe that communication is constantly transforming as technology advances. As the nature of omni present inherent in communication, the transformation in Communication Science was inevitable. Therefore, this year, we bring the soul of change into our fourth conference of International Conference of Transformation on Communication especially on the issues related to ‘Digital Change Transformation and Society’.

With the spirit of positive change, on this occasion the International conference will be held at Telkom University. In the commemoration of the event, the Faculty of Communication and Business has set itself up to prepare for the arrival of scholars from various disciplines who are interested in developing the Science of Communication.
On the first day of our conference, we will invite the scholars to discuss various topics in the field of Communication Studies. The beauty of Bandung City will be enjoyed by the conference participants on the second day of the conference. Both of these agendas would make the 4th ICoTiC a conference not to be missed.

In order to achieve the success of conducting this conference, the committee of the 4th ICoTiC has established several domestic and foreign partnership with universities from various countries. These are followed by cooperation with certain international journal to ensure the publication of the selected articles.

Finally, we are waiting for your arrival in Bandung. Wilujeng sumping in Bandung, hayu urang ngariung.

Bandung, Juni 2018

Warm regards,

4th ICoTiC