About Conference

Since we first organized this international conference, our team continues to believe that communication has remains transforming in according to the development of technology. As the Omni properties inherent in the present communication, therefore transformation in Communication Sciences was inevitable. Hence we carry the spirit of the changes in the third conference of the International Conference on Communication Transformation.

With the spirit of positive changes, in this occasion our international conference will be held at Telkom University. Without decreasing the grandeur and festivities of the event, the Faculty of Communication and Business have organized themselves to prepare the arrival of researchers from various disciplines who are interested in developing Communication Studies.

On the first day we are inviting the communication researchers to discuss a variety of topics in the field of Communication Sciences. The beauty city of Bandung will be enjoyed by the participants of the conference on the second day. Both of these reasons have made the 3rd ICoTiC as a conference not to be missed.

Collaborations with several universities at local and abroad also appears to be an added value for our international conference. Boosted by the agreement with few international journals which will publish selected articles from the conference. Surely not to be missed by all interested participants.

Finally, we will be waiting for your arrival in Bandung. Wilujeng sumping di Bandung, hayu urang ngariung.

See you in Bandung.

Warm regards,
Conference committee of the 3rd ICoTiC